About Mexon Technology

Excellence in Information Security and Service Management

Mexon Technology believes that 'Continuous improvement' is the essence of Information Security and Service Management. Of highest importance is that organizations always have insight in their operational performance and strive to raise the level of performance when the market conditions, like amended laws and regulations, and technological developments require it. The well-known Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle of improvement is crucial to get 'In control' of Information Security and Service Management.

As a specialist in the field of Information Security and Service Management, with more than 20 years of international experience, it is therefore only natural for Mexon Technology with its expertise to support organizations in these domains.

We do this by offering organizations integrated and flexible solutions which facilitate, with a minimum of effort, 'Continuous Improvement' at its best, help organizations to get and stay 'In control' about their business processes and allow adequate management.

We provide innovative, flexible and integrated software that is "fit for purpose" and "fit for future".