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26 October 2015
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11 December 2015

Mexon Technology is pleased to announce the availability of iET Exchange Gateway 2.1.0

Leusden, The Netherlands, December 9th 2015 – The iET Exchange Gateway allows to synchronize contacts, appointments, and/or tasks between a Microsoft Exchange server and an iET Enterprise database.

Customers can choose the leading system: It is possible that iET Enterprise will be the leading system or your master data can be based on your Microsoft Exchange server or both systems can be equivalent. In the latter case, the syncing mechanism provided by the iET Exchange Gateway supports an extensive conflict handling. If data has been changed on both systems at the same time iET Exchange Gateway allows – based on the respective configuration – to either use the latest data or the data from a specified system.

iEt Exchange gateway

If you are interested in the details of these or other release of iET ITSM you can contact us via support@mexontechnology.com.


Leusden, December 9, 2015