How do I gain insight in the dataprotection of my organisation

GDPR administration is not something you do because you have to,
but because it pays off!

How do we do this with MexonInControl:

✓ Start small and end big
✓ Insights visible from day 1
✓ See directly where you need to get started
✓ Guidance on setting up and configuring

MexonInControl voor dashboard
General Data Protection Regulation

Also applicable for you!

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) previously did a "random check (in Dutch language)" to examine whether a register of processing activities is maintained. Our prediction is that this will become more frequent and in-depth, and in time the content of the registers will also be tested.

With our MexonInControl for Privacy solution you can realize your processing register, and thus also comply with the requirements imposed on organizations by the Data Protection Authority on the basis of the GDPR.