MexonInControl Privacy Light

MexonInControl Privacy Light is an online service (Software-as-a-Service). With this service every organization can build the registers required by the GDPR. Registers for Data Processing Activities, Data Processors, Data Processing Agreements and associated Data Protection Impact Assessments.

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Information security and privacy

Privacy and the security of the data which are collected and processed by organizations are essential to operating the business. Whether this is a result of the General Data Protection Regulation coming into effect or (self)imposed standards like ISO 27001 and standards based upon this, like NEN 7510, failure in the domain of privacy is not an option nowadays.

GDPR summarized

Since May 25, 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been active. This law has the goal to protect the data privacy of the inhabitants of European countries. This is achieved mostly by imposing more responsibilities to your organization. Each organization has to assess and document how much they are affected by this regulation (in other words is personal data being processed).
  Some aspects are of crucial importance: the creation of the necessary registers, the execution of one or more Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA), the assignment of a Data Protection Officer and ensuring your applications are meeting the right demands: Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default.

MexonInControl Privacy Light

By creating a register of data processing activities the first step is made in understanding which (personal)data is being processed by your organization. This helps in determining an effective approach and can be used as the starting point for further steps like a DPIA. This register can quickly be created with MexonInControl Privacy Light, together with a register of processors and data processing agreements.

Growth path MexonInControl Pro

An organization takes their first step towards compliance with MexonInControl Privacy Light and a first step towards adequate protection of data and privacy.
MexonInControl Pro offers various possibilities and different ways to gain more insight (and control) in risks, maturity (design, existence and operation) of policies, processes, procedures and (counter)measures. So effectiveness and compliance are increased in the long term.
By following built-in Plan-Do-Check-Act principles, getting and remaining in control on the topic of information security and privacy protection will be easier. Resulting in a more comfortable feeling for you and your customers.
MexonInControl Pro supports a multitude of general and (branch) specific standards like GDPR, ISO2700x, NEN7510, COBIT, etc.

Characteristics MexonInControl Privacy Light:

  • SAAS solution (in the Nederlands)
  • Multiple languages (English, French, Dutch)
  • 24/7 available
  • Register data processing activities
  • Register data processing agreements
  • Register processors
  • Register applications/processes
  • Organizational structure
  • Dashboards (pre-set)

Start immediately:

  • Data Protection Impact Analyse available
  • Support from 9.00 to 17.00
  • Print
  • Export
  • Powerful access control
  • Attachment links to CMS
  • Relations between registers

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