Wendia Point of Business release 1.8 now available
17 March 2017
New accreditation from SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL confirms the business value of iET® ITSM beyond IT service management.
16 August 2017

Multi Standard Framework Management: Actions speak louder then words!

Time is pressing, we are only a few months away from the active enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or AVG. Precious time for organizations to prepare themselves, but how can this be done? How do you get an overview of already implemented measures in relation to, for example, the BIG and things like the AVG or Ensia.

With the help of the video below, we will show you; step-by-step, in a few minutes how to do this as an organization, practically and clearly using MexonInControl. (Dutch spoken with English subtitles).