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22 August 2016
Wendia Point of Business release 1.8 now available
17 March 2017

Now available: iET® Enterprise & Mobile V3

Leusden, February 7th 2017 – Mexon Technology announces releases from iET Solutions.

iET® Enterprise is a maintenance releases that include bug fixes and general enhancements. Furthermore, iET® Enterprise comes along with an SSL encryption option between the iET® Enterprise Workcenter and the iET® Enterprise Server.

New features:

  • New audit capability Centralized Audit: improved usability for developers. Field individual SQL workflows are not needed anymore. Definition is possible on data dictionary, form and datasheet level. Translation is possible via iET® Enterprise Workcenter form. Improved usability for users (multilanguage audit labels enabled).
  • New Webshop controls: card view – improved user experience by visual representation of content Datasheet panel: Ability to use different controls in a single column of a datasheet definition.
  • Time zone in Self-Service. The Self-Service is now time zone aware. Date fields are displayed in the end user time zone. Time zone can manually be switched.
  • Client changes. Direct export of ETB/RTF fields to an RTF file. Improved user experience by saving RTF/ETB fields via right mouse click as an RTF file.
  • Deep links. Added security & control to deep links for SelfService. Link works now via a unique UID string. UIDs are individual configurable and can be set as needed. Access control via e. g. expire date of links/UIDs is possible.
  • Expire date notification for the iET® Enterprise license management.
  • Updated 3rd party controls for improved iET® Enterprise Workcenter performance.

iET® Enterprise Mobile V3

Major functional changes in the iET® Enterprise Mobile V3 are:

  • Camera Integration
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Color Icon support
  • Favorites enhancements
  • Tablet “2-UP” support
  • Share functionality
  • Attachments is prerequisite for iET® Enterprise Mobile V3


If you are interested in the details of these or other releases of iET Solutions, you can contact us at