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16 August 2017
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19 March 2018

Now available: iET® Enterprise 15.0.3, iET® ITSM 8.3.3 & iET® Self-Service Feature Pack

Leusden, October 27th 2017 – Mexon Technology announces releases from iET Solutions.

Mexon Technology is pleased to announce the availability of iET® Enterprise Technology 15.0.3, iET® ITSM 8.3.3 and iET® ITSM Self-Service Feature Pack 8.3.3

iET® Enterprise Technology 15.0.3 includes a new text search based on Solr/Lucene, the open source enterprise search platform built on Apache Lucene. In addition, iET® Enterprise Technology 15.0.3 introduces a new database based language dictionary which allows on the fly translation without editing application sources. Customers will now have the ability to translate dynamically to any language that is in the language table and is maintained in this global dictionary.

iET® ITSM 8.3.3 offers an out-of-the-box self-service with a touch-enabled and responsive design. iET® ITSM Self-Service Feature Pack 8.3.3 contains standalone features from the latest iET® ITSM releases packaged in a way that they can be easily installed into existing older iET® ITSM versions. Note: iET® Enterprise Technology 15.x must already be installed.

The release notes for these versions are available for customers under maintenance through our servicedesk. Please contact