Our partners

Mexon Technology is proud to be a customer-focused organization. We strongly believe in the added value of cooperation with partners.

Whether it is for Data protection and Privacy, Information security or IT Service Management Mexon Technology and its partners have joined forces to provide the most complete, integrated, flexible and affordable solutions.

SIN CARGA is a collaboration between independent companies which can deliver a total package of support-services, particularly in the area of I.T., Security, Legal & Privacy, in short the SIN CARGA ecosystem. The aim of the SIN CARGA ecosystem is to support you as a customer in the aforementioned areas as carefree and unencumbered as possible, allowing you to focus on your own primary business process, the core of the added value proposition of your company.

The cooperating companies within the SIN CARGA ecosystem operate as a general partnership (VOF). As a customer you have a contract with only one company and also one portal to communicate with. Sin CARGA takes care for dispatching and collaboration when you have questions are when you need support. The services may include, but are not limited to, legal profession, Collecting, Legal Affairs, IT security, Privacy, IT architecture and Information Management.

Sin Carga is our partner for the product "MexonInControl for Privacy" and acts as an adviser, implementation specialist and supplier of "MexonInControl for Privacy" for customers of Sin Carga.

PROCEED Data Protection has a broad expertise and is equipped with a rare combination of skills and knowledge in technology, legislation and (change) management. One of the reasons they are specialists in GDPR for service providers, like SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), Xaas (Everything-as-a-Service), App Developers and hosting providers.

PROCEED Data Protection can handle GDPR audits, can get products and companies GDPR compliant, can act as Data Protection Officer (DPO) and arrange for EU Representatives.

SIT bc combines business opportunities, business goals and business risks with information security, Privacy/GDPR, IT Architecture (technology-part), Business process (re-) design (processes) and awareness/awareness (people). This holistic approach in combination with the knowledge that SIT bc has in those disciplines, does make that IT-management, IT security and privacy are embedded in the governance and strategy of the company.

Besides consultancy we provide support-services based on “a pay for what you use” concept for all governance, management and operational activities in the aforementioned aspects/areas covering all dimensions, so you just can focus and work on your core business!

Building on over 20 years of experience, iET Solutions is recognized as a leading global supplier of IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions for medium and large enterprises. By providing a fully integrated, adaptable solution in the field of IT Service Management aligned with ITIL best practices. iET Solutions offers its customers streamlined service operations, enhanced customer service, reduced IT costs and mitigated risks in an audit. iET Solutions means providing the best possible support to the hundreds of companies worldwide rely on iET Solutions to serve the daily needs of their customers and employees. Mexon Technology is the exclusive distributor for IET Solutions in Benelux and France.

With over 20 years of experience Wendia offers its proven and certified ITSM solutions for large and medium service and IT organizations in Europe and the US. Also thanks to the ITIL philosophy, Wendia has its ITSM software suite Point of Business (POB) which was developed to enable the most flexible and integrated manner Service Management in your organization. With her Pink Verify certification for as many as 15 processes, the highest possible quality, POB is the flagship product of Mexon Technology. Mexon Technology is the exclusive distributor for Wendia in the Benelux and France.

Schmidt's LOGIN GmbH - short LOGIN - provides consulting services and software development for all types of network-related issues and IT services. For over 25 years they focus on pragmatic solutions and support the philosophy "Keep It Simple" for client and server environments on Windows-based networks. They deliver solutions all focused on one goal: to make work easier for IT systems and network administrators. Their products are intuitive and easy to use, require no training and are future-proof through continuous updates and versions for download. Mexon Technology is the distributor of Schmidt's LOGIN GmbH in the Benelux and France.

Servitect is an innovative company specializing in IT service management and optimization services. Servitect does this by developing and managing the ISM method, a standardized approach for organizational improvement in information. Servitect is the new name per 2013 of BHVB (Bureau Hoving & Van Bon) created in 1998.