Privacy services

Privacy services

A solid approach to the Data Processing register, data breach reporting process and a quick start.

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Mexon Technology not only provides privacy services for its own product MexonInControl

Mexon Technology also provides privacy services for an organization working on the basis of an administration in Excel or another solution..
These include setting up and filling a data processing register, setting up or reviewing your specific internal or external data breach process and assessing requests of parties involved.

Privacy services to support your use of MexonInControl

Of course, we will help you use MexonInControl and relieve you of any concerns.
  • Initial set-up of the MexonInControl configuration
  • Explanation / training for SuperUser
  • Filling and configuration of data processing register
  • Completion and configuration of data processing register, entities and data processing agreements
  • Tuning and configuration of validation lists
  • Setting up / tuning data breach process
  • Configuration of supplier assessments
  • Configuration of DPIA / PIA / BIA
  • Set-up and configuration of Awareness campaigns
  • Configuration of email templates

Generic Privacy services

To support your privacy organisation, our support includes the following
  • Set-up / Filling / Review of the data processing register
  • Set-up / Review of the data breach process
  • Designing / testing the process for processing requests from parties involved
  • Designing / testing the process for processing privacy complaints / requests
  • Assistance with execution of DPIA / PIA
  • Setting up / tuning DPIA / PIA / BIA process
  • Workshop on filling the data processing register
  • Assisting employees in filling the data processing register