Our services make the difference

The services Mexon Technology provides focus on the proper use of our IT Service Management software within your organization and contribute to your business success. Our experienced consultants are ready to serve you with their specialist knowledge and expertise. Their "Excellence in Service Management" ensures that your IT service management software works for you!

Privacy Services

Mexon Technology can help you identify the priorities of your MexonInControl implementation. A helping hand with your processing register, for example. So you can get started faster and benefit from the experience of other customers.

Mexon Technology also provides generic privacy services, which are not linked to MexonInControl. Read more about this on the Privacy services page.

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iET ITSM Application Services

When you choose the Application Services of Mexon Technology, we take responsibility for the application and we guarantee that the Service Management solution supports continuous business processes.

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Increase your understanding and knowledge of our tools and professionalize the services of your department. If you want more information about our different trainings please contact us.

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Any technology or application must be tailored to your needs. That is why our experienced and well-trained software specialists offer quality services. They use all their experience - an experience they have gained in developing similar systems in various sectors - to bring every new implementation to a successful conclusion.

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