The perfect solution for any organization that uses ITIL for professional service management. Wendia Point of Business (POB) is our flagship ITSM solution for organizations that want maximum flexibility, speed and integration, and at relatively low cost.

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Successful business starts with Wendia

Success is based on the value that IT adds to the business. From IT Service Management and HR and from Customer Service to Facility Management - Service Management Software Suite Point of Wendia gets the job done.


Our Rapid Deployment System makes it possible to quickly and easily deploy and upgrade without the need to program.


Our tool is customized and built around your business needs and not vice versa.


Wendia integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and infrastructure.

Built modular

Wendia offers a complete, integrated and modular system. Because of this modular design, you are able to use only those features that you actually need for your organization. Not one-size-fits-all, but from the standard maximum flexibility in configuration and as much functionality out-of-the-box. With Wendia you pay then never too much!

Full support of ITIL®

Wendia, has the ITIL best practices built into its ITSM software since the first version of ITIL. It is therefore no surprise that Wendia is PinkVerify-certified for ITIL compliancy for each ITIL process of each ITIL version. Every year Wendia is on top of the PinkVerify list and this gives organizations the ultimate assurance that if they want a service management tool to support their ITIL implementation, Wendia is the standard.